Vision-Mission Statement


To make relevant courses that will serve as the keys to the chosen career path of the students employment, professor and business.

To make competence and excellence as the standard for everything that the institution offers and the norms for which its graduates will become.

To make the opportunity for higher education accessible to all irrespective of their class status in the society.

To anchor the lives of the students to the value of integrity, perseverance and responsible stewardship.

To nurture and strengthen the spiritual dimension and faithful reverence in God in the Life of every student.



Richwell Colleges incorporated is an institution transforming lives towards success and prosperity through worlds-class education focused on competence and excellence. anchored on the value of integrity, perseverance, responsible stewardship and faithful reverence in God; and thus, enabling them to make a difference to themselves, to their families, to other people and to the notion.

Richwell Colleges Incorporated will be a multi-disciplinary institution.